Introducing the new Orchestra Client Portal User Interface

Today, we’re introducing the new Orchestra Client Portal (OCP) user interface. This new interface still has all the same functionality as the previous interface with a new look and feel.

In addition to the current features:

  • Dashboard summary
  • Subscription management
  • SIM card management
  • Data usage reports
  • End-user management
  • Device management
  • Tag management
  • Support information

New features include:

Bug Fixes

Subscription status display: Users with a subscription that had been actioned with a SIM Swap were experiencing a display error where the Active Subscription was displaying as Suspended. The display error has been corrected and a Subscription that has had SIM swap will have a new section Previous SIMs on this Subscription at the bottom of the Subscription Detailed View that lists the PICCID and the ability to search for the usage that SIM had generated in the past.

Display error for accounts with 3+ end-user tiers: Users that had more than 3 levels of child accounts weren’t able to view that subscription and usage data from the Parent level. This has been resolved to accommodate to infinity child tiers.