APN for iOS/Apple Devices

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Setting the APN and Enabling Mobile Data Roaming

To access data services you will need to ensure your device is set up correctly. Different SIMs and/or locations may require different APNs. These instructions are for the Globalgig SIM.

Once you have activated your Globalgig service, insert your SIM into your device.

Follow the simple instructions below.

Please note that all iOS/Apple devices may differ slightly and therefore the process to ensure your settings are correct may not be exactly the same as below.

Open the Settings App and tap Mobile Data

Slide Mobile Data to the ON position

Tap Mobile Data Options

Slide Data Roaming to the ON position

Go back to Mobile Data

Select Mobile Data NetworkNote: If you don’t have the option to select Mobile Data Network, please follow this these alternative instructions: click here

Set the APN under Mobile Data:

Please note that if you are in Australia you will need to use the APN:

You can leave all other fields as they are.

If connection issues persist please reboot your device and double-check your APN and mobile data roaming settings.