APN for ZTE MF65 Devices

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Setting the APN and Enabling Mobile Data Roaming

To access data services you will need to ensure your device is set up correctly. Different SIMs and/or locations may require different APNs. These instructions are for the Globalgig SIM.

Once you have activated your Globalgig service, insert your SIM into your device.

Follow the simple instructions below.

Please note that ZTE devices may differ slightly and therefore the process to ensure your settings are correct may not be exactly the same as below.

Turn the MiFi on and with a secondary device (laptop, phone, tablet) use the SSID and WiFi Key that can be found on the inside of the battery cover and connect the secondary device to the WiFi.

Once connected to the device’s WiFi network, open your internet browser and type into the web address bar.

To log in enter the default username admin and the default password admin

Setting the APN

Before starting, ensure on the homepage that the Data connection is disconnected. If it is Connected then press the Disconnect button. To know if it is disconnected the button should say Connect, as per the image below.

In the top menu bar go to Settings

From the far left menu select Network Settings > APN

Select Manual > Add New

Set the profile name as Globalgig

Set the APN as

Please note that if you are in Australia you will need to use the APN:

Leave all other fields as they are and click Apply

This will return you to Automatic APN. Please select manual again, then choose the profile you have created from the dropdown menu.

Click Set as default

Enable Data Roaming

In the top menu bar go to Settings

From the far left menu select Network Settings > Dial-up Settings

Tick the box saying Check here, you can connect to internet in the roaming status

Click Apply

Return to the Home > Click Connect